Hakha Phungning Lo Inn Hrawh Lio Ah Media Luh Lo Dingin An Kham

Hakha khuathar phungning lo samhmi hrawh lio ah Media luh lo dingin Chin cozah nih a kham.

Hakha khuathar Acre 676 chungah phungning loin inn sakmi pawl inn 135 cu August 20, 2019 ni ah Chin cozah nih a hrawh lio ah Media pawl luh lo ding in Chin ramkulh cozah, lamsul vuanci zong a si i 676 Acre vawlei hmun committe Chiarman nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

Vuanci cheukhat nih Media pawl luh an duh nain Chief Minister nawlngeignak in Media pawl luh lo dingin a kham tiah a min langhter llomi pakhat nih The Chinland Post ah a chim.

Ref: The Chinland Post


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